Senate passes 1-week funding extension, sends measure to Trump

Unless the president signs the continuing resolution, the federal government will shut down at midnight on Dec. 12.
By: | December 11, 2020
Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

The Senate on Friday passed a continuing resolution, H.R. 8900, that would extend funding for federal agencies, including the Education Department, for another week, sending the measure to President Trump’s desk for approval. Senate passage follows House passage of the bill on Dec. 9.

Passage of the funding extension means the federal government will not shut down at midnight on Dec. 12, so long as President Trump signs the CR before midnight.

The CR’s passage and approval give Congress another week to work on an appropriations package to fund all federal agencies through the remainder of FY 2021. If the legislative negotiations fail to result in a long-term spending package, Congress may need to pass another short-term extension by Dec. 18 to avoid a shutdown.

–Charles Hendrix covers education funding and other Title I issues for LRP Publications