SEL samples

Questions from three leading assessments.

Panorama Social Emotional Learning Survey

The rating scale ranges from “almost never” to “almost always.”

Student perception assessment

Self-efficacy: How confident are you that you can learn all the material presented in your classes?

Growth mindset: In school, how possible is it for you to change your level of intelligence?

Social awareness: During the past 30 days, how carefully did you listen to other people’s points of view?

Social awareness: During the past 30 days, how well did you get along with students who are different from you?

Teacher perception assessment

Self-management: How focused is this student in your classroom?

Social awareness: During the past 30 days, how considerate was this student of classmates’ feelings?


This eight-question screener asks teachers to assess students’ social-emotional competency. The scale ranges from “never” to “very frequently.”

Over the past four weeks, how often did the child:

Accept responsibility for what she/he did? (decision-making)

Follow the advice of a trusted adult? (decision-making)

Pay attention? (self-management)

Washoe County School District’s Social and Emotional Competency Assessments

Students rate how easy or difficult something is based on a 1 (very difficult) to 4 (very easy) scale.

Self-awareness: Knowing when I am wrong about something

Self-awareness: Knowing when my mood affects how I treat others

Social-awareness: Knowing how to get help when I’m having trouble with a classmate

Self-management: Working on things even when I don’t like them

Self-management: Thinking through the steps it will take to reach my goal

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