Security: The malware-cloud connection

By: | December 13, 2017

AI will also have a big impact on network and data security.

The best way to keep a school’s computers free of malware while securing student and teacher identities is to use a layered approach powered by artificial intelligence in the cloud.

Just about every antivirus program has three overlapping defenses:

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local scanning for known bad code

monitoring for behavioral changes that might indicate an infection is underway

sending anything suspect to a cloud server for analysis.

With AI, the latest machine-learning techniques tear suspect code apart to determine if it is dangerous or a red herring.

If it can do damage, a fix is automatically determined and quickly distributed to every computer at school—all without anyone even noticing.

Over time, the AI systems learn more and more about how viruses and ransomware work to get better and quicker at spotting dangers.

Brian Nadel is a freelance writer in Pelham, New York.

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