Schools relax dress codes in bid to end body shaming

July 15, 2019 | The Wall Street Journal

The old fingertip test to measure length of shorts and skirts is out in a growing number of school districts, while short shorts, tube tops, pajamas and attire showing cleavage are in.

Clothing once considered taboo is now permitted as more districts across the U.S. relax student dress code policies, deemed disproportionately targeted at females, and move to gender-neutral or equitable dress codes. The districts also want to end body shaming, causing humiliation by criticizing a person’s body shape or size.

“A decision of how a student comes to school, that is a decision with the family,” said Tracy Spinner, director of comprehensive health in the Austin Independent School District in Texas, which is moving to a less restrictive dress code this coming school year. “Clothing is just made differently than it was 10 years ago. Trying to find shorts for girls that come down to their knees, it’s impossible.”

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