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Schools of TechXcellence

DA’s Schools of TechXcellence Awards, sponsored by HP and Intel, recognizes schools that have implemented innovative, effective and replicable technology programs that contribute meaningfully to student or operational success.

There are two cycles of awards during each calendar year, and within each cycle there are two award categories. The categories for the second award cycle are professional development and reading and writing instruction.

Submission Requirements:

  • Your program must rely on an implementation of devices that run on Intel® processors.
  • Your program must be innovative. In other words, it must include elements that were developed internally. Your program can include commercial products, but a program that simply implements a commercial product and gets the expected result will not be considered by the judges.
  • Your program must be effective. It must have been implemented to meet specific goals, and you must be able to demonstrate that it is meeting those goals.
  • Your program must be replicable. In other words, its value to other schools must be readily apparent, and it could be implemented elsewhere with reasonable resources.
  • Schools may submit one application in each award cycle category. In cases where we receive multiple submissions in a category from a school, only the earliest nomination will be considered.
  • Your application must be submitted with the approval of your superintendent.

Round 2, Professional Development:

Entry Form

Round 2, Reading and Writing Instruction:

Entry Form

The submission period for Round 2 entries closes August 11.