SAT scores drop slightly for students in South Carolina

The average SAT scores for high school students in South Carolina dropped 43 points this year amid a surge in students choosing to take the test that colleges widely use as a factor in admissions.

There was nearly a 30% increase in the number of students in the state taking the SAT this year compared to last year, according to the state Department of Education, which credited the jump in participation to its decision to cover the cost of the test as well as the implementation of SAT School Day, which allows students to take the test during school hours rather than solely on the weekend.

In Greenville County Schools, nearly 72% of seniors took the SAT in 2019 compared to about 52% in 2018. The average total score dropped from 1089 to 1031. The district is slightly above the state average score of 1021 but slightly below the national average of 1039.


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