Report: Students want more gaming, coding, mobile app instruction

1 in 3 students says it's "very true" that technology can be a distraction when used excessively
By: | Issue: April, 2015
March 24, 2015

Nine out of 10 students recognize the importance of developing technology skills early to ensure they are prepared to enter the workforce, according to new research published by CompTIA, an information technology industry association.

The September 2014 survey of 1,000 middle school students further found that most rate their tech skills as average or above. In the studyÑ”The Changing Classroom: Perspectives from Students and Educators on the Role of Technology”Ñstudents also said they wanted more instruction in the following:

Gaming simulations (cited by 52 percent of students)
Computer troubleshooting (49 percent)
Programming/coding (45 percent)
Apps for audio and music making (43 percent)
Mobile apps (43 percent)

Students also recognize the limits of technology in school. Approximately one in three says it’s “very true” that technology can be a distraction when used excessively. And almost half the students believe it is “somewhat true.”

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