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Providing Secure employee Work From Home IT Solutions


Scale Computing

Watch this webinar to learn about, and see a demo for, the following:

  • Remote Desktop Access – How users can securely connect to their workloads remotely for access to all the applications and data they need, no matter what platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Run on Existing Infrastructure – How you can enable remote worker desktop sessions on the existing physical desktops, virtual desktop infrastructure, or terminal service solutions you currently run
  • Improved Security – How to keep data off of the end user’s remote devices, to ensure that sensitive data never leaves your data center
  • Bring Your Own Device – How you can enable users to use the devices they prefer to access desktop sessions and applications efficiently and securely.
  • Prepare for the Future – How solution steps you take today can easily merge into a full VDI solution when the time comes

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