Promising practices advance education equity commitments

By: | March 22, 2018

In 2016, the Council of Chief State School Officers and the Aspen Institute gathered state education leaders, advocates and civil rights leaders to develop actions to support education equity.

A year later, 10 general equity-boosting practices have emerged from across the U.S.

Goal 1: Prioritize equity

In practice: Set and communicate an equity vision and measurable targets

Goal 2: Start from within

In practice: Focus on the state education agency

Goal 3: Measure what matters

In practice: Create accountability for equity

Goal 4: Go local

In practice: Engage local education agencies and provide tailored and differentiated support

Goal 5: Follow the money

In practice: Allocate resources to achieve fiscal equity

Goal 6: Start early

In practice: Invest in the youngest learners

Goal 7: Engage more deeply

In practice: Monitor equitable implementation of state standards and assessments

Goal 8: Value people

In practice: Focus on teachers and leaders

Goal 9: Improve conditions for learning

In practice: Focus on school culture, climate and social-emotional development

Goal 10: Empower student options

In practice: Ensure families have access to high-quality education options that align to community needs