The Two-Minute Briefing for K-12 Leaders
The Two-Minute Briefing for K-12 Leaders


Matt Zalaznick

Many educators and special education staff go online expecting to focus immediately on the students. In reality, educators are becoming coaches for parents as well as online educators, says DA guest columnist Sharon Soliday. Read more >>

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Brig. Gen. T.S. McAppleton

Zero-emission school buses perform well on the road and pollute less, but there are still other factors to consider before purchasing any for a school transportation fleet. Read more >>

Esther Williams

Moto Sign and Media Corporation's new HandMoto is a portable, dry erase activity board where any standard printed content can be inserted to change the background for unlimited uses and activities. Read more >>

Samuel Clemens

DA guest columnist Jeff Babbitt shares how the supportive (and flexible) faculty and staff at Genesee Valley Central School District are ensuring that the essential needs of students and families are met—from instruction and technology to meals and even virtual lunchtime gatherings. Read more >>

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Eric The Red

“Sensitive, personally identifiable information” of more than 1.4 million students and more than 200,000 teachers was improperly stored by the Maryland State Department of Education, leaving them at risk of identity theft, according to a recent audit. Read more >>


Mr. T

The U.S. Education Department opened its application process for the Governor's Emergency Education Relief Fund. Here's what you need to know. Read more >>>

Elenor Rigby

The Washington Department of Natural Resources sent individual assessments of earthquake risk to administrators for 222 school buildings. Of the buildings assessed, most would be unsafe to occupy after a powerful quake, about a quarter would not be able to be repaired and 43 percent posed a “high” or “very high” risk for loss of life. Read more >>


Jamie Weiss

Middle schoolers in one PE class log video reflections and track their fitness progress online. Read more >>

Jamie Weiss

After cancelled musicals and spring concerts, choral directors across the country are going the extra mile to have their students' voices heard. Read more >>

Jamie Weiss

School administrators anticipate near-universal attendance in free, full-day kindergarten this fall, a state survey found, which would blow a $40 million hole in the budget Colorado lawmakers set for the first year of the new program. State lawmakers only set aside funding for 85 percent attendance. Read more >>