How to set climate data starting points

Acknowledge the challenges of COVID and racism, and prioritize safety
By: | August 12, 2020

Principals should identify a few inquiry-based starting points to prioritize the use of climate data and to take meaningful action, according to the climate data tool kit developed by The Aspen Institute Education & Society Program.

These starting points include:

  • Acknowledging the challenges of COVID and racism: Providing students with a safe space to have difficult conversations validates their experiences and needs.
  • Prioritizing safety: One junior high school principal in Tulsa Public Schools organizes climate data on safety, supportive relationships with adults, and belonging. The concepts should be considered as foundations for school and student achievement. This approach can also mitigate the impact of stress created by uncertain times.
  • Applying an equity lens: Look for trends in perceptions across grades, classrooms, and stakeholder groups. Identify groups that are reporting less positive experiences.