Wowzers Learning K-8 Online Math Program Releases New Features Effective for In-School and Remote Learning

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - 5:53 am

SAN DIEGO – Aug. 12, 2020 – Reed Howard, the founder of Wowzers Learning LLC, announced strategic upgrades of Wowzers’ award-winning K-8 math online math program.

With the onset of Covid-19 and the surge in the demand for online programs that meet the growing needs of students, teachers, and parents across the world, Wowzers added new features to support a comprehensive approach to learning both in school and at home.

Based on the science of learning, the Wowzers Learning K-8 math program is different from other online math programs that focus on a “skill and drill” approach to learning. Wowzers covers all K-8 mathematical standards for all states through a variety of engaging learning modalities that address the “whole child” to make learning fun and meaningful.

Automated Personalized Learning Paths

Teachers and parents are now able to generate a personalized curriculum automatically for their students based on Wowzers’ built-in pre-assessment and path generator. As students work seamlessly across grade levels, they receive exactly the right content to accelerate their learning and engagement.

“This new feature greatly expands our personalization capabilities,” said Howard. “Wowzers is integrated with NWEA, which assesses students and automatically generates a personalized learning path for each student based on their MAP® Growth™assessment results. But with Wowzers’ automated learning paths, even schools that don’t use NWEA assessments can automatically generate personalized curriculum paths for their students.”

New Wowzers App and Offline Mode

Available on Chromebooks, iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, the new Wowzers app can be downloaded on almost any device. With the app, student progress is stored in the cloud. Students can switch devices whenever necessary and pick up where they left off in the curriculum. When a student next logs into their account, their progress is loaded, and they continue working seamlessly. The app provides a much more secure way for students to access the curriculum and delve into new math concepts, as it’s not susceptible to the same security holes and vulnerabilities as internet browsers.

The Wowzers app comes with much of its content built-in, freeing a school’s network bandwidth. Students can access Wowzers content four times faster through the app than through a browser. And when an internet connection isn’t available, the Wowzers app can be used offline. Students can continue to work on their personalized curriculum anywhere and the data will be stored until they have an internet connection.

“One of the biggest concerns in a classroom is that when the internet goes down, everything comes to a standstill, so we designed our app to address that concern,” said Howard. “This makes it an especially useful solution for students living in remote areas of the United States or the world, where homes often don’t have internet access.”

K-2 in Spanish

The kindergarten, first and second grade Wowzers content is now available in Spanish. Both the text and the voiceover can be switched to support younger ELL students.

New student dashboard and more adaptive features are coming soon. “These new features make Wowzers easier and more effective to use,” said Howard. “Wowzers Learning is now more prepared than ever to meet the needs of all students in school and at home.”


Media Contact:

Soraya Wilks

VP of Sales & Marketing