With $39, Three-Hour Courses, Teachers Can Quickly Master STEM Teaching Skills and Earn Micro Certificates from the National Institute for STEM Education

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 9:36 am

HOUSTON — April 9, 2019 — To effectively teach and implement STEM, teachers need access to professional development that is research-based, personalized, and immediately applicable in their classrooms. The National Institute for STEM Education (NISE) announces a new series of online courses and Micro Certificates designed to help K-12 teachers quickly master and earn recognition for strengthening their STEM instructional strategies.

Priced at $39, each three-hour online course can be completed anytime, anywhere.

Teachers who complete two courses in a specific area of STEM practice earn a Micro Certificate and online badge. Micro Certificates are available in Scientific Argumentation, Scientific Collaboration, Scientific Innovation, Scientific Inquiry, Scientific Literacy, and Scientific Thinking. Teachers who complete one or more Micro Certificates can apply these toward the National Certificate for STEM Teaching (NCST) offered by NISE. The NCST can then be applied to STEM master’s and doctorate programs offered by the American College of Education.

“NISE online courses and Micro Certificates are uniquely designed to meet teachers’ needs with flexible, differentiated opportunities for professional learning,” said Judy Zimny, Ed.D., vice president of NISE. “Teachers can focus on the STEM best practices that most benefit their classrooms, and engage in bite-size, relevant learning at their own pace and on their own schedule. Furthermore, Micro Certificates recognize teachers’ growth as they refine their STEM teaching craft and grow as STEM leaders.”


The targeted, evidence-based online courses reflect the 5E model of instruction. They also include multiple opportunities for participants to interact with the content and receive feedback throughout each learning experience.

In addition to the 12 courses leading to Micro Certificates, NISE offers other three-hour online courses such as Always Time for Science, Understanding the Next Generation Science Standards, and Maximizing the STEMscopes Curriculum.

For information, visit getstemcertified.com.

About the National Institute for STEM Education

NISE is more than a certifying body. It is a research-based support system for campuses and teachers seeking to strengthen STEM instruction and outcomes. Based on 15 STEM Teacher Actions that evolved from STEM professional development originally created at Rice University, NISE’s Campus and Teacher Certificates help school leaders and teachers understand and apply research and best practices in STEM, 21st-century learning, and professional development. For information, visit http://nise.institute