UBTECH Education and the Center for Educational Innovation Partner to Support NYC Schools in a Rollout of the new UKIT STEM and Computer Science Program

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 1:02 pm

LOS ANGELES – March 7, 2019UBTECH Education, a company dedicated to promoting STEM and computer science (STEM+C) education through interactive robotics, is partnering with The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) to provide direct support to educators across New York City with professional development programming designed to facilitate the integration of the UKIT supplemental STEM curriculum into classrooms. The two organizations will launch the partnership with 600 seventh-graders in New York City as part of CEI’s Project BOOST, a multi-faceted school-based program for under-resourced, at-risk New York City public school students who have demonstrated academic talents but may not have the opportunity to develop them due to their economic circumstances.


“UBTECH Education is honored to partner with CEI to help get high level STEM learning and makerspace activities into the hands of students who might otherwise not have access,” said John Rhee, General Manager and Senior Vice President of UBTECH North America. “Our UKIT programs combine modular robotics construction with engaging, hands-on STEM+C curriculum to prepare students to be successful in a world of rapid technological progress, scientific advances, and shifting workplace demands.”


Unlike other supplemental STEM curriculum offerings, UKITS encompass the NGSS ‘three-dimensional’ model, integrating scientific and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts. Written by NGSS authors, the UKIT curriculum includes activities that cultivate 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity, team-based work and use of technology. Because English language arts and math connections are part of the NGSS, the UKIT curriculum also integrates those two subjects into its lessons, making it a useful supplement for ELA and math learning as well.


“We are excited to partner with UBTECH and provide STEM+C resources to schools as part of our signature enrichment program, Project BOOST,” said Michael Kohlhagen, CEO of CEI. “By providing new opportunities to students, nurturing their talents and interests, and engaging them in STEM activities, we improve student skills and outcomes and set the stage for future success. The UKIT curriculum and robotics kits not only support STEM education but also reinforce the soft skills we all need to be successful—collaboration, team building, and the ethical and effective use of technology. This partnership has the potential to improve the lives of the teachers, children, and school communities we support nationally.”


CEI educators will also play a lead role in delivering UBTECH Education’s professional development offerings, designed to help teachers integrate robotics into STEM lesson plans and infuse the curriculum’s Common Core–aligned cross-cutting concepts into literacy and math programs.


About the Center for Educational Innovation (CEI)

The Center for Educational Innovation is a nonprofit education organization located in New York City. A recognized leader in advancing meaningful reforms in public education, CEI’s mission is to make the school the center and driving force of public education reform and innovation.


About UBTECH Education

UBTECH Education is a division of UBTECH, a global leader in intelligent, humanoid robots for consumers, business, and industry. UBTECH Education combines interactive robotics technology with curriculum to give learners the foundation needed to thrive in the 21st century: a high-quality STEM education integrated with the development of 21st century skills and computational literacy. For more information, visit http://ubtecheducation.com/.



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