The Center for College and Career Readiness to Offer Executive Briefings on Accelerated Student and Teacher Engagement

Monday, November 12, 2018 - 6:13 pm

Gainesville, FL, Nov. 12, 2018– During November, the Center for College and Career Readiness,a nonprofit research and training organization, is holding executive briefings on “Research and Leadership Strategies for Accelerated Engagement within Modern Classrooms” in multiple states. Underwritten by MeTEOR Education, the three-hour sessions bring together key educational visionaries to highlight the benefits of a “ProSocial” learning environment and to discuss “cultural design” as a critical component of planning for student and teacher engagement.

During the executive briefings, attendees will participate in-depth roundtable conversations on cultural design, increasing social and emotional engagement, models that promote cultural design and accelerated engagement as well as ways to implement and evaluate such models. Attendees will have the opportunity to apply their findings as they evaluate various learning environments to determine how those environments reflect or support cultural design in addition to student and teacher engagement.

“Research has found that schools need to consider cultural design as well as instructional design and environmental design when developing their vision and plans for accelerated student and teacher engagement,” said Bill Latham, CEO of MeTEOR. “Effective design in all three areas will enable educators to  truly prepare students for a world where they will need to be collaborative, critical thinkers, creative and autonomous.”

Attendees will leave with a new understanding of the impact of cultural design as it relates to student engagement in a modern classroom. They will also have what they need to develop a research-based vision for accelerated student engagement.

The executive briefings will occur in the following locales on the following dates:

November 14 – Auburn, Washington

November 16 – Fort Mill, South Carolina

November 30 – Broomfield, Colorado

Interested parties can register by clicking on the appropriate locale. Registrants will receive all materials free of charge.

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