StudySync and Poetry Northwest Partner to Foster Students’ Analysis, Comprehension and Appreciation of Poetry

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 6:18 am

NEW YORK — March 26, 2019 — Today, StudySync announced a new content partnership with PoetryNorthwest, one of the longest-running poetry journals in America. StudySync will be using the journal’s archived poems in its core StudySync ELA curriculum to boost middle and high school students’ literacy and appreciation of language.

Poetry Northwestwas founded as a quarterly poetry journal in 1959 and soon gained an international reputation for publishing some of the best established and emerging poets in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and beyond. The journal explores the ways that poetry intersects with and informs (or is informed by) the other arts and sciences, the way that poetry has adapted to new technologies and modes of composition and distribution, as well as the role that poetry can play in restoring sanity, nuance, and balance to civic discourse.

“We are delighted to be working with StudySync,” said Kevin Craft, the executive editor of Poetry Northwest.“We have been sparking and nurturing a love of poetry for six decades, and our archives are one of the great treasures of American literature, filled with themes that StudySync students will no doubt find interesting, instructive and useful as they work to become more thoughtful writers and readers.”

With recommendations from Poetry Northwest, StudySync selects poems and develops curriculum around each poem including suggestions for further reading. “Studying poetry can be a rewarding experience for students, expanding vocabulary and improving critical analysis skills,” adds Robert Romano, CEO of StudySync, “In addition, and equally important, our collaboration with Poetry Northwest will provide students with the pleasure of reading fresh and contemporary selections, inspiring a love of reading and providing an experience from which to expand their writing capabilities and creativity.”

The complete StudySync ELA curriculum provides students in grades 6-12 with a diverse library of more than 1,700 fiction and nonfiction texts, with rich multimedia lessons and new content added daily. In addition to reading and writing, students view video episodes that model academic collaboration by peer-aged students. The poems will appear in the product’s Blast lessons — short reading and writing assignments on relevant cultural topics and global current events. Students respond in short answer social media-like format, engaging in thoughtful discussions with peers.


StudySync is a leading developer of the most engaging, socially connected, and rigorous academic learning products for grades 6-12. StudySync, its hallmark offering of the same name, is an award-winning, comprehensive English language arts curriculum. The company’s most recently-released product, SyncBlasts, expands the company’s scope to include an engaging, supplemental digital inquiry solution for social studies and science classrooms.

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Poetry Northwestis a semi-annual print poetry journal founded in 1959 in Seattle, Washington. The magazine is currently affiliated with Everett Community College’s Written Arts program. It has published incisive, thought-provoking and cutting-edge poetry from poets around the world, including such writers as William Stafford, Joyce Carol Oates, Raymond Carver, Annie Dillard and Mary Oliver. It is regarded as one of the most important poetry journals publishing today.


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