Rosetta Stone Launches New Program Empowering Emergent Bilinguals in Grades K-6 to Acquire Higher Language Proficiency Levels of English

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - 5:47 am

Rosetta Stone English is an adaptive blended learning speaking and listening program that supports students’ English language development through academic conversations.

ARLINGTON, VA. (Aug. 12, 2020) – According to the National Education Association, in five years, Emergent Bilinguals, also known as English Learners, will make up nearly 25% of the total K–12 population in U.S. public schools. But many educators may not have sufficient time, knowledge, or resources to provide the necessary amount of differentiated, personalized instruction required to help all their Emergent Bilinguals thrive. To help support these learners, Rosetta Stone Inc. (NYSE: RST) has developed Rosetta Stone® English for grades K–6. The new adaptive blended learning speaking and listening program supports young Emergent Bilinguals as they build the linguistic competence and confidence needed for academic success.

“A solid foundation of the English language is critical for the academic success of Emergent Bilinguals,” said Maya Goodall, senior director of EL curriculum at Rosetta Stone and co-author of the program along with Kristie Shelley. “We specifically designed this curriculum centered around speaking, as this is one area we found students often lacked when it comes to language learning. We built in purposeful repetition and corrective feedback so students could make language proficiency gains at a more steady pace.”

With embedded alignment with multiple state and national language proficiency standards, Rosetta Stone English focuses on three key areas — speaking, listening, and grammar. Students are able to practice their speaking and listening skills in a safe, non-judgmental, and culturally responsive environment; applying their learning using content from math, science, social studies, and general knowledge.

“By providing Emergent Bilinguals with frequent listening and speaking opportunities, particularly in the area of academic language, Rosetta Stone English brings the best of language acquisition strategies and literacy outcomes for today’s English Learners,” said Dr. Liz Brooke, chief learning officer of Rosetta Stone.

Beta tester, Esmeralda Hernández, bilingual/ESL specialist at Marilyn J. Miller Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas, stated, “I would recommend the Rosetta Stone English program to other educators because it provides a systematic approach to learning English as a second language in an interactive and academically rigorous way. Additionally, the educator platform allows me to collect data to make instructional decisions to meet my English Learners’ diverse needs.”

Brooke concluded, “In this COVID-19 world when our English Learners have often been left behind due to lack of blended programs created specifically for their needs, we are excited to have Rosetta Stone English available to schools and educators to reach their Emergent Bilinguals during this time. With our embedded assessment tool, our program helps educators keep track of and get detailed insight on students’ performance, whether learning is done in the classroom or remotely.”

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