PASCO Unveils Its New Next Gen Datalogger at NSTA 2018: the SPARK LX

Monday, March 19, 2018 - 10:28 pm

Roseville, Calif. – March 13, 2018 – Hands-on investigations help students understand how scientific knowledge develops, while sparking their curiosity, interest, and motivation in science. This week at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) National Conference in Atlanta, PASCO® will preview its next generation of dataloggers for hands-on, inquiry-based science: the SPARK LX.

With this turnkey science solution, teachers can view, monitor, and control all student devices, while students use this fully integrated handheld for planning and carrying out investigations, a key element of the Science and Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards. The SPARK LX seamlessly blends PASCO probeware, SPARKvue data collection and analysis software, and PASCO’s new Lab Manager classroom management application, all on one device. With superior processing power, a rugged, splash-proof case, and a full-color display, the 9.6-inch Android™ touchscreen device has been built specifically for student science collaboration. It can be used online or offline.

There are two models: the SPARK LX and the SPARK LXi. The LX model has been designed for use with PASCO Wireless Sensors or with PASPORT Sensors plus an AirLink interface. It comes with eight virtual ports for simultaneous wireless connection. The SPARK LXi is designed for use with PASCO Wireless or PASPORT Sensors. It includes eight virtual ports plus two PASPORT ports, as well as ports for the included Fast Response Temperature Probe and Voltage Probe. With either model, students can collect data and share their investigations, with or without sensors, with the device’s onboard sensors.

PASCO’s new Lab Manager application, included on both models, has been designed to simplify classroom management during science investigations. It allows teachers to monitor and control all student screens, broadcast their screen for lab demos, create lab groups for data-sharing, share student group screens, and send and collect files, quizzes, and exams to and from individual students or groups.

The SPARK LX and SPARK LXi also come with PASCO SPARKvue, MatchGraph, and Spectrometry software, as well as Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and GIS software. Additionally, teachers can download any of 500 free labs from the PASCO Digital Library. Both models will ship in mid-June.

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