New Essential Chemistry Curriculum from PASCO Provides Complete, Affordable Solution for High School Chemistry with Textbook, e-Book, Digitial Teacher Edition, and Equipment Kits

Monday, March 19, 2018 - 10:17 pm

Roseville, Calif. – March 1, 2018 – Successful high school chemistry programs incorporate engaging core content, visualization tools for understanding molecular interactions, and hands-on activities that are connected to learning outcomes and science practices. To provide a complete, seamless curriculum for mastering chemistry, PASCO® today announces Essential Chemistry. The Essential Chemistry curriculum includes a comprehensive, full-color textbook, an interactive e-book for molecular visualization and simulation, equipment kits for lab investigations, and a robust digital teacher edition.

The Essential Chemistry e-book features all of the content in the print textook as well as interactive features such as simulations and equation solvers that help bring difficult concepts to life. To support science literacy, glossary words are defined in context, and the definitions can be read aloud in English and Spanish. The “Take-A-Quiz” feature at the end of each section allows students to review a question or concept until they achieve mastery.

The Essential Chemistry curriculum focuses on practical applications that connect students to chemistry concepts that are relevelant to life, earth, and physical sciences, while incorporating mathematics, technology, and engineering practices. It includes over 70 labs that are coordinated with the textbook and e-book. More than 30 of these investigations use PASCO’s Wireless Sensors and SPARKvue software, which are provided in the equipment kits. Using this equipment to conduct hands-on labs, students can quickly develop concepts without long data collection times and make important connections between macroscopic phenomena and microscopic particles.

The Essential Chemistry digital teacher edition includes lesson plans, slide presentations, student work, and answer keys. Each lesson follows a learning cycle design, with opportunities for differentiation. The curriculum covers 100 percent of state standards and supports the Next Generation Science Standards.

“Essential Chemistry has a unique combination of rigorous yet accessible content and interactive simulations and equations that increase student understanding and engagement. Paired with PASCO sensors and software, it combines theory and practice to make a complete chemistry education solution — all for the price of most other publishers’ textbooks,” said Tom Hsu, chief product officer for PASCO.

Essential Chemistry is available online or offline with no Internet required. It is compatible with iOS, Android™, Chrome™, Windows®, PC, and Mac®.

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