New Edthena Dashboard Helps Decision Makers Understand the Use and Impact of Video Coaching in Their Organization

Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 7:45 am

With any edtech implementation, it is important for decision makers to be able to measure their return on investment. Edthena’s new Organization Stats dashboard provides valuable data and evidence-based insights that administrators and department chairs can use to determine the overall impact of video reflection and coaching as part of the professional development process within their organization.


“Organization Stats aggregates data across all user groups to show how Edthena is being used—not just if it is being used,” said Adam Geller, founder and CEO of Edthena. “This data helps decision makers spot trends across their organization and take action as appropriate to ensure all educators are maximizing the power of video coaching.”


The new Collaboration Quotient feature within Organization Stats expands upon basic usage metrics—such as the number of educators using the platform and the number of videos uploaded—to help decision makers understand the level of teacher engagement in professional learning conversations. It provides metrics about the frequency of comments on shared videos, if conversations are one-sided between coaches and teachers, or if collaborative dialogue is taking place.


“Having educators participate in meaningful dialog about teaching practice is at the heart of what we do,” said Geller. “The Collaboration Quotient provides decision makers with an indicator of the number of people participating in these professional learning conversations, so they can compare what’s really happening during the video coaching process versus the expectation.”


Organization Stats also provides data to help decision makers understand if coaching is aligned to organizational initiatives, how much feedback teachers are receiving, if the level of feedback is changing over time, what professional skills are being measured most often, and more.


With the Edthena platform, teachers quickly and easily upload videos of their classroom instruction. They then share those videos with peers and coaches and receive timestamped comments categorized as questions, suggestions, strengths, and notes.


Edthena enables teachers and coaches to participate in collaborative professional learning. Reports and graphs, linked to the school’s or district’s associated professional standards, help identify teaching trends, determine if the professional development is improving teaching practices, and provide a basis for ongoing dialogue about instructional best practices.


Schools, districts, and teacher education programs in nearly 30 states are using the Edthena platform to make video observation an integral part of teacher induction, teacher mentoring, professional learning communities (PLCs), and peer observation.


The new Organization Stats dashboard is available to all registered Edthena users. To learn more, visit


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