Mentoring Minds Launches District-wide Instructional Management Platform

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 - 10:48 am

Digital solution weaves critical thinking into every aspect of teaching and learning

Mentoring Minds, the leading provider of K-12 critical thinking materials, announces the launch of its Instructional Management Platform. As a customizable end-to-solution for school districts, the platform pairs the benefits of the ThinkUp! Standards Mastery Systemä with enhanced instructional, assessment and reporting capabilities.

“We love the rigor that the ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System offers, and are grateful to be able to provide it to our students in the classroom, and at home,” said Martha Vanegas, math and science teacher specialist at Garcia Elementary School in Houston. “The need for resources that support distance learning is evident, so the launch of the Instructional Management Platform couldn’t come at a better time.”

The Instructional Management Platform is a web-based solution, equipping districts with a streamlined way to incorporate the 9 Traits of Critical Thinkingä into curriculum and instruction. The solution provides digital access to Mentoring Minds’ ThinkUp! resources across Math, ELA and Science subject areas, assessment authoring and management through Itematica, and real-time, customizable reporting. Together, these embedded resources aim to gauge student progress and provide differentiated instruction for all students.

The ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System equips educators with the resources necessary to develop the modern classroom into a thinking-centered environment. ThinkUp! materials are available in print, digital and bundled formats.

“Our goal is to promote skillful thinking and deeper learning, and we help districts achieve that by nurturing a critical thinking culture,” said Shad Madsen, CEO at Mentoring Minds. “The Instructional Management Platform brings even more value to the ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System by connecting standards-aligned curriculum directly to critical thinking skills, assessment and reporting. It’s our goal to provide educators the opportunity to engage their students wherever they are on their learning path.”

The Instructional Management Platform is now available as part of the ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System. To learn more, please visit

About Mentoring Minds, the Critical Thinking for Life company

Mentoring Minds is on a mission to put critical thinking at the center of K-12 education. Founded by teachers, Mentoring Minds provides print resources and an instructional management platform that empower educators to infuse critical thinking skills into standards-based instruction. Students learn the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking through the ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System, which provides rigorous materials that elevate achievement among all students. Mentoring Minds’ commitment to education extends beyond the classroom as well—the company proudly sponsors forward-thinking administrators across the U.S. and supports community-based education initiatives through MindShare, an employee-driven grant program. For more information, call 800-585-5258 or visit