Intelitek Releases White Paper on How to Make STEM Part of the Mainstream Curriculum

Monday, April 1, 2019 - 11:22 am

DERRY, N.H. – April 1, 2019– The modern workforce needs people with STEM competencies in almost every industry, but many educators are trying to figure out how to effectively deliver a STEM education that makes students truly 21st century ready. Intelitek has released a new white paper, “Crossing the Chasm to Mainstream STEM Education,”that addresses misconceptions about STEM learning and explains how to use technology to revolutionize classrooms and teaching behaviors.

“Many teachers are simply digitizing their existing teaching methods, which just perpetuates passive learning. Using technology to develop a collaborative and interactive educational setting will help students prepare for their future careers, even non-STEM-related ones,” said Ido Yerushalmi, CEO of Intelitek. “In this latest white paper, we show howeducators can combine technology and instructional practices to create more meaningful learning opportunities and reposition the education system to become a central, self-sustaining tool for lifelong learning.”

“Crossing the Chasm” addresses the following misconceptions about STEM education:

  • There is a lack of funding for STEM studies
  • STEM is just Math and Science with another name
  • Teachers don’t understand STEM well enough to teach it
  • STEM is only for students who are STEM inclined
  • STEM is a lot of hype, and not a lot of substance
  • STEM learning cannot be evaluated
  • STEM education is expensive
  • There is a lack of infrastructure available to deliver STEM education

In addition, the white paper explains how cloud-based environments like Intelitek’s interactive CoderZ platform can help educators overcome many of the obstacles to introducing STEM into mainstream education and how gamification can improve learning. “Virtual learning, Web 2.0 tools and robotics simulations can offer STEM learning to every student with a browser at a much lower cost and with much broader reach than traditional STEM programs,” said Yerushalmi. “And empirical studies have shown that gamifying learning improves student enjoyment, participation and, most importantly, learning results.”

“Educators need a formula for crossing the chasm between the traditional learning methods of yesterday, and the engaging, inclusive technology environments of tomorrow,” Yerushalmi continued. “We believe that this new white paper will point them in the right direction.”

The “Crossing the Chasm” white paper is available for download at

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