Impero Software Offers Grant to help Texas Schools Comply with New Safety Legislation in the State

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 9:42 am

The Texas School Safety Grant will provide successful applicants with access to Impero EdAware for one year

Austin, TX, Aug. 21, 2019 – Schools in Texas must meet new requirements under Senate Bill 11, which was signed into law earlier this year as part of sweeping school safety legislation. Among the requirements in the law is that schools must establish threat assessment teams to help identify students who may pose safety concerns and determine the best ways to intervene. To help schools overcome challenges associated with this task, Austin-based Impero Software, a specialist provider of student safety and device monitoring and management solutions, is offering a Texas Safety Grant to schools in the state. To apply, visit: The deadline is Sept. 15, 2019.

The grant provides selected applicants access to Impero EdAware, a digital student portfolio that helps schools understand the potential risk of a student or incident by recording and monitoring student behavior information, including online concerns, for one year.  This provides a holistic view of potential threats and allows schools to make informed decisions about intervention.

“Texas is at the forefront of school safety with this new legislation and we want to make sure schools have the resources available to meet the requirements of this law,” said Impero CEO Justin Reilly. “At Impero we are passionate about student wellbeing and have worked hard to develop Impero EdAware, to help schools and districts collect the data necessary to provide a holistic picture of a student’s wellbeing. By offering this grant we can help Texas schools comply with the new safety legislation in the state and also help them prevent future tragedies from occurring.”

Schools use Impero EdAware to record, analyze and store multiple types of student safety information, from depressive episodes to risky online behavior. This data helps identify potential safety risks and enable informed counseling sessions, behavior management conversations and safeguarding interventions.

For a summary of Senate Bill 11 and how Impero EdAware can help schools comply, download Impero’s 2019 School Safety Act poster at:

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