Florida School Districts Participate in Achieve3000 FSA Goal-tracking Program

Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 2:30 pm

Lakewood, NJ, (November 1, 2018) – Achieve3000, the leader in differentiated literacy instruction, today announced that select school districts are participating in the Florida State Achievement (FSA) Goal Tracker Project. This program is designed to motivate students and give teachers the targeted assessment data they need to help more students achieve a learning gain on Florida’s annual assessment. The tool correlates Achieve3000’s student performance data with FSA proficiency ranges, making it possible to predict students’ FSA performance with 82% accuracy for all students in the pilot school districts.

“The FSA goal-tracker report allows teachers to identify the monthly Lexile gains needed for each student to achieve a learning gain on the spring administration of their end of year assessment,” said Steve Tardrew, vice president of assessment and research at Achieve3000. “Goal-setting is an incredibly important motivational tool for students, and the goal-tracker enables teachers to have meaningful conversations with their students about goals and progress.”

In Florida, there are five FSA achievement levels ranging from level one to level five, and subcategories within levels one and two. The goal-tracker report creates student objectives aligned to these levels and establishes Lexile goals based on a study conducted by MetaMetrics. Progress towards these goals is tracked using the monthly Lexile measure from the Achieve3000 platform.

“When a student is on track to meet his or her goal, it becomes an opportunity for celebration, and the report makes this easier to identify,” Tardrew said. “The report also aids students who may not be on track, providing teachers with a valuable teaching moment to open conversation on why the student is struggling, and solve it.”

The report is in its second year of piloting with an expanded number of districts. The first year included three district participants, and this second phase includes 10 districts.

“Our customers are excited about connecting Lexile growth to gains on state assessments, they find this to be motivating for both school personnel and students,” said Judith Gould, regional vice present at Achieve3000. “As more of our Florida partners engage in this project, we are more and more confident of the efficacy of this tool.”

Districts are seeking a reliable way to identify students who may need intervention and empower educators to provide each student with meaningful literacy instruction. The Achieve3000 platform meets this need through providing accelerated learning opportunities to suit every student’s needs.

Achieve3000 invites districts interested in joining the FSA Goal Tracker pilot project to contact their local Achieve3000 representative to learn more. 800-838-8771

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