Flinn Scientific Launches New DRONE Application for its WhiteBox Learning Standards-Based STEM Learning System

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 9:15 am

Flinn Scientific, a flagship provider of science lab materials and safety and STEM solutions for the K-16 education market, launched the new DRONE application for its WhiteBox Learning STEM learning system to teach middle and high school students about the principles of drone flight, vehicle control, and quadcopter flight as they utilize an extensive suite of virtual modeling and simulation tools to design a drone. Once their design is complete, students can move on to the build phase with hands-on materials supplied by Flinn Scientific. The new DRONE application will be on display at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) at Flinn Scientific’s Booth #4229 on January 14-17, 2020.


“In addition to being thought of as a cool toy by students, drones are an emerging technology that can be used not only to enrich STEM learning in the classroom, but also to expose students to potential jobs in industries that are using drones in various ways,” said Michael Lavelle, CEO of Flinn Scientific. “With WhiteBox Learning’s new DRONE application, students design and simulate their own drone model while building critical thinking, programming, design, engineering, mechanics, and data analysis skills needed for STEM careers.”


With the new DRONE application, WhiteBox Learning is helping districts use drones as an educational tool. It, along with all of WhiteBox Learning’s 12 Next Generation Science Standards-aligned applications, provides students the opportunity to design and analyze a 3-D model, learn through simulations, and conduct countless design iterations before building the physical model to complete the learning experience. WhiteBox Learning‘s unique ability to allow for unlimited design iterations is a critical process in giving students a real-world experience.


WhiteBox Learning is a web-based STEM learning system for grades 6-12 that brings real-world design to the classroom. Using the system, students can access, analyze, and save their designs anytime, anywhere. The system also allows students to collaborate with their peers on their designs and offers opportunities to participate in design competitions with fellow students in their school, district, and state, as well as across the country and world. WhiteBox Learning addresses various learning styles and provides all students with an engaging way to gain exposure to engineering design and the STEM career cluster for Career and Technical Education.


To learn more about the DRONE application and WhiteBox Learning, visit www.whiteboxlearning.com.


About Flinn Scientific

Flinn Scientific supports STEM/STEAM educators in opening young minds to the challenges and joys of scientific discovery and the design thinking process. The leader in science education and lab supplies and safety, Flinn Scientific also provides learning systems and professional development that incorporate differentiated digital experiences with hands-on learning grounded in the real-world to help all students think critically, explore like scientists and engineers, and solve problems creatively so they are ready for college and careers in an increasingly technology-driven world.