First Student Launches FirstView® District Dashboard and Parent App

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 10:40 pm

First Student introduces the FirstView® District Dashboard and Parent App, the industry’s most comprehensive and secure bus tracking, communications and engagement platform.

FirstView helps districts and parents better manage the many moving pieces of the hectic before- and after-school rush. Districts can streamline daily decision-making through centralized, real-time fleet reporting and can efficiently alert parents about school delays or issues. And parents can receive their student’s bus status and district messages at their fingertips.

“Technology is woven into nearly every aspect of the school day. Student transportation should be no different,” said First Student President Dennis R. Maple.

First Student collaborated with five school districts and 115 parents across the country to determine the design and functionality of FirstView. Currently, 18 school districts use the Parent App and District Dashboard.

“Parents want real-time updates and more peace of mind surrounding their child’s journey to and from school. School districts want better tools for managing their bus fleet and staff resources. And of course, First Student always wants to better support the districts, parents and students we serve,” said Maple. “FirstView is a win for all of us. We believe it has the potential to truly transform our relationships.”

FirstView provides benefits such as:
– Centralized Data: FirstView centralizes important operational data such as school arrival and departure times, route changes and route replay.
– Real-Time Bus Tracking: Districts can better manage all the moving pieces of the before- and after-school rush by accessing real-time bus tracking by school, route and stop. By downloading the FirstView Parent App, parents can track their student’s bus in real-time to get an estimated arrival time. They’ll also see when the bus arrives and departs from school.
– Custom Parent Alerts: Districts can quickly message parents across the district, a school or a specific route. Parent App users will receive an alert on their app within seconds.
– Secure Student Data: More secure than any other bus tracking tool on the market, the FirstView District Dashboard can be configured for different district users and managed within a district’s existing security protocols.
– Built-In Customer Support: A dedicated FirstView customer support team is available Monday through Friday via the District Dashboard’s “Help” section or the Parent App’s “!” button, a toll-free number or email.

The Anoka-Hennepin School District, one of the largest in Minnesota, is an early adopter of FirstView.

“It’s difficult to have students brave the Minnesota elements when they’re waiting for the bus,” said Keith Paulson, transportation director at Anoka-Hennepin. “It’s a game changer for parents and the district alike to be able to see in real time when a bus will arrive. We believe it could set the new standard for how parents are informed about transportation.”

For more information on FirstView, districts can go to Parents can find the FirstView Parent App in the App Store or Google Play.