Education Elements Announces its 2019 Leadership Institute Series

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 - 10:00 am

Events focus on helping leaders develop a culture of innovation, increase teacher retention, and create inspiring, responsive strategic plans

 DENVER (Aug. 6, 2019) – Administrators interested in improving how their districts are run are invited to attend Education Elements’ 2019 Leadership Institute Series. The four institutes, the first of which starts Sept. 25, 2019 in Denver, aim to help administrators become better leaders and improve how their teams work together. To register, visit

“Leadership Institute attendees are surrounded by like-minded, passionate leaders and have the opportunity to delve deeply into the ways their teams work, plan, collaborate, and communicate – which forms the foundation of success for students and teachers,” said Anthony Kim, CEO of Education Elements. “By being immersed in these 2-day sessions, attendees will come away with new strategies to help their districts thrive.”

The Leadership Institutes each will take place over two days from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in downtown Denver.

Shelley Muto, director of student services for the Jeannette City School District and a previous Education Elements Leadership Institute participant, said “We had a huge shift in leadership – so the Education Elements’ Institute was helpful in planning for that change, determining what direction we want to go, and how do we get everyone on board with us.”

The Leadership Institutes are:

  • Innovative District Leadership Institute: Sept. 25-26, 2019

This leadership institute is for district leaders who want to develop their own practices to create and support a culture of innovation. Based on Education Elements’ District Leader Competencies toolkit, this institute prepares district leaders to better support school leaders and teachers as innovators by helping them to know their personal leadership story and philosophy; listen deeply, model vulnerability, articulate a clear why, tell success stories, seek and share new learnings, design responsive systems, distribute authority, create clear messaging, and build habits of gratitude. Capacity: 50.

  • Strategic Planning Leadership Institute: Oct. 3-4, 2019

This institute will prepare participants to engage in an effective strategic planning process. They will develop knowledge of tools and practices they can use in their districts, including how to assess their current state, include community voice from a variety of stakeholder groups, prioritize needs, and create a responsive plan. Capacity: 50.

  • Team Habits Leadership Institute: Nov. 6-7, 2019

This workshop is specifically focused on team habits for more effective learning, meetings, and projects. Participants will be introduced to the framework, “5 Steps For Building Team Habits,” part of a new book that will be published in September, 2019 by Corwin Press. Capacity: 50.

  • Teacher Retention Leadership Institute: Dec. 3-4, 2019

This institute is based around Education Elements’ 8 Elements for Teacher Retention. It will offer frameworks, resources, and practices for improving teacher recruitment and retention based on best practices for employee engagement inside and outside of the education sector. Capacity: 50.

About Education Elements

Education Elements works with districts to build and support dynamic school systems that meet the needs of every learner, today and tomorrow. Education Elements takes the time to understand the unique challenges school leaders face, and then customize the Education Elements approach for each district. Ed Elements has worked with hundreds of districts across the country. They bring deep expertise, design thinking, expert facilitation and the spirit of collaboration, along with their extensive toolkit of resources and technology, to deliver sustainable results. Please visit to learn more.