Conscious Discipline Announces Two-Day Workshop on Social and Emotional Learning for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Monday, February 10, 2020 - 4:48 pm

Leading social and emotional learning (SEL) provider Conscious Discipline will host a two-day workshop in Orlando, Fla. on February 29-March 1. The workshop, titled Conscious Discipline (SEL) for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), will feature Conscious Discipline founder and SEL pioneer Dr. Becky Bailey, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Kim Jackson, and The Autism Project’s Director of Programs Cheryl Cotter, who is also a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor.

Conscious Discipline is a trauma-responsive, comprehensive social and emotional learning (SEL) provider that combines evidence-based practices in SEL, school climate, classroom management and self-regulation. The Autism Project is a collaboration of parents, professionals and community members who provide quality resources and education to children with ASD, their families and other adults who work with them.

“Social and emotional learning is critical to the success of children with autism,” said author, educator and Conscious Discipline founder Dr. Becky Bailey. “It supports children in connecting with others, developing social skills, and managing their emotions so they can problem-solve, learn and thrive socially and academically.”

The two-day workshop is intended for educators and administrators of all ages, special education teachers, school counselors, school psychologists and social workers seeking strategies for effectively supporting children with ASD. Attendees will build a better understanding of brain development as it relates to autism and will learn best practices that create the structure, safety and connection that students with ASD need to learn and succeed.

“It’s been eye-opening to us how impactful Conscious Discipline is to people on the spectrum through connection, even the most non-verbal children. Together, we’ve been able to impact the lives of so many people,” said The Autism Project’s Executive Director Joanne Quinn.

Individuals interested in attending the February workshop can register on the Conscious Discipline website:

About Conscious Discipline
Conscious Discipline provides a comprehensive, trauma-informed social and emotional learning program that is based on current brain research, child development information and developmentally appropriate practices. All aspects of Conscious Discipline focus on creating a safe, connected environment for children to learn and practice the skills needed for healthy social, emotional and academic development. Conscious Discipline methodology has been recognized by SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), and it was named a national model for character education by the Florida State Legislature. Research shows that Conscious Discipline decreases aggression, impulsivity and hyperactivity while creating a positive environment in the school or home. In schools, Conscious Discipline has been shown to decrease discipline referrals while increasing teaching time and academic achievement. Learn more at

About The Autism Project
The Autism Project is a “Hub of Hope” that connects people with a spectrum of needs to the available resources and education that support independent and purposeful lives. Founded in 1997, it is a unique collaboration of parents, professionals and community members who provide quality support, training and programming that is accessible to all children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families and those who work with them. They offer training, consultations, workshops, social skills groups, and other resources for children, families and educators. The nonprofit organization also works to support individuals with other disabilities and with communication, social-emotional and regulation challenges in Rhode Island and beyond. Learn more at