Aperture Education Partners with COMET Informatics to make its SEL Assessments available on COMET’s Platform

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 12:38 pm

Partnership makes SEL data more accessible for schools and out-of-school-time organizations that use COMET

Charlotte N.C. (Nov. 26, 2019) — Aperture Education, which provides social and emotional learning (SEL) assessments and strategies for students in grades K-12, has partnered with COMET Informatics to provide COMET’s customers with easier access to their students’ SEL assessment data. Specifically, the partnership adds Aperture’s DESSA K-8 and DESSA-mini SEL assessments as integrated options in the COMET System. This makes it easier for teachers, administrators and others using the COMET System to both administer the SEL assessments and to view, access and analyze the resulting data alongside other data that COMET collects so they can better support student’s SEL needs.

“Many of our partners have been utilizing the research-based and comprehensive DESSA on our platform to measure social and emotional competencies for years, and we have been able to observe the impact that this SEL assessment tool can have,” said COMET CEO Leonard Gingello. “We are very excited about our Aperture Education partnership and what it means for the social-emotional health of the children we help serve.”

COMET provides a web-based system for data collection and reporting to support informed decision-making and raise organizational quality in schools and out-of-school-time organizations.  It supports SEL by providing accurate and actionable data about a student’s social and emotional strengths and needs so that its users can pair that data with research-informed strategies, resources, and reporting.

Aperture Education’s DESSA Comprehensive SEL System includes assessments to screen and assess the social and emotional strengths of student in grades K-12, as well as research-informed social emotional learning strategies.

“Having the right data is critical to ensuring a social-emotional program will be successful and COMET shares our commitment to providing this data to help educators support the whole child,” said Jessica Adamson, CEO of Aperture Education. “Adding the DESSA as an integrated option in the COMET System will make it easier for COMET’s customers to use that data to meet students’ social and emotional needs and we’re excited to have them as a partner.”

About Aperture Education

Aperture Education specializes in social and emotional learning (SEL) solutions. Our flagship product, the DESSA Comprehensive SEL System, allows educators to measure, strengthen, and support social-emotional competence in youth in grades K-12. The DESSA System includes a suite of strength-based assessments, a universal screener that can be administered in less than a minute, and growth strategies and foundational practices to strengthen social and emotional competence. The DESSA System is lauded by researchers because it meets high standards for reliability and validity and is appreciated by educators for its ability to easily and quickly identify each student’s personal SEL strengths and provide practical supports that result in improved student outcomes. To support educators, we just launched the Educator Social Emotional Reflection and Training (EdSERT) tool. EdSERT is a professional development program to support the social-emotional competency and well-being of educators. For more information, go to www.ApertureEd.com.

About COMET Informatics

COMET Informatics works with educators, parents, program providers, policymakers, and researchers to support informed decision-making via a child-centric data system to raise organizational quality and improve outcomes for kids. Since 2008, COMET has been working with its partner, Children’s Institute, to support the social/emotional health and success of children and youth.