Anacortes School District to Implement the Boxlight Classroom Solution Districtwide

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 4:32 am

As part of its initiative to “engage every student every day in real work that matters,” Anacortes School District (ASD) in the state of Washington is expanding use of the total classroom solution from Boxlight Corporation(Nasdaq: BOXL) from its high school to all classrooms in the district. The new tools will enhance the quality and flexibility of classroom interactions. Installations will take place over the summer.


The purchase of the equipment was facilitated by Insight Financial Services. Each ASD classroom will receivethe following:


The interactive flat panel features 4K video resolution, so its crisp images and vibrant, accurate colors enable students to see information on the screen from any vantage point. The newly released MimioClarity classroom audio distribution system,provides a microphone for the teacher to wear and four speakers that are strategically placed above students’ heads so that they can clearly hear the teacher’s “inside voice” no matter where they are seated. The digital document camera allows users to capture videos, take photos, or connect to a microscope, and it is compatible with Chromebooks.


Classrooms will also receive the award-winning MimioStudio™ classroom software,which seamlessly connects all Boxlight products and allows educators to create interactive lessons and collaborative activities, use existing ones and also perform real-time formative assessment.At a later date, ASDwill also addBoxlight’sMimioClarity Assistive Listening Device (ALD), which connectslisteningdevicesto the audio system so thatusers ofthose devicescan hear clearly no matter where they’re located in the room. Additionally, Boxlightwill be working with ASDadministratorsto develop a professional developmentplan around thecollaborative classroom solution.


“ASDwill be the first district-wide implementation of Boxlight’s total classroom solution,”said Boxlight CEO Mark Elliott. “Theyhad been considering a competitor’s audio productwhen one of our incrediblesales representatives,and her partner ACT approachedthedistrictaboutusingMimioClarityand pointed out additional benefits suchas the MimioStudio integration, networking interface, and future ALD integration.It alsohelped wehad impressedASD’s director of technology, Robert Pohl,when he hadbeen at another Boxlight district, Monroe District Schools.He came there from one of our competitorsand was turningto thatcompanyfor interactive technologies. However,we sold him on our exceptional product lineup,which resulted in a partnership sosuccessful that he took that message over to Anacortes.”


Pohlsummed up his stance on the Boxlight tools bydescribing a recent board meeting,“The board was very impressed with the features of the Clarity system. In the audience, we had a family who came to the microphone to share how their child with hearing loss hadn’t felt as if their needs were being addressed by the district. It was an honor to share that we’d planned to address all of their concerns in the coming school year. After the meeting,they stopped me overcome with emotion – thanking ASD for hearing their plea and finding a solution so quickly. I can’t express enough our appreciation to Boxlight,ACT, and Insightfor helping us make thispossible.”


About Boxlight Corporation:Boxlight Corporation (Nasdaq: BOXL) (“Boxlight”) is a leading provider of technology solutions for the global learning market. The company aims to improve learning and engagement in classrooms and to help educators enhance student outcomes, by developing the products they need. The company develops, sells, and services its integrated, interactive solution suite including software, classroom technologies, professional development and support services. For more information about the Boxlight story, visit


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