Affinityy Launches Cash For Classrooms Program

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 5:55 pm

New York (July 18, 2018)—Affinityy, a premier cash back shopping portal, has announced the launch of Cash For Classrooms, which will drive digital fundraising through the natural shopping behaviors of parents through hundreds of retail partner sites.

Parents will be able to generate cash back through online shopping for everything from school supplies, uniforms, clothing, electronics, home products, and other purchases that they are already making.

These cash back donations will be allocated, per the parent’s request, to the school, teacher, or student organization of their choosing.

“In a time when studies show that up to 94 percent of teachers are spending their personal funds on classroom supplies, Cash For Classrooms seemed like a logical solution to empower parents to donate to their children’s schools and educators, without having to spend a penny out of their own budgets,” explains Sam Gindi, founder of Affinityy.

Funds may be used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Classroom teaching aids and supplies
  • Classroom technology purchases
  • Field trips and assemblies
  • Athletic or club equipment
  • School initiatives or needs
  • And more

“The Cash For Classrooms initiative provides schools and educators with a yearlong fundraising platform with residual revenue even after the school season has ended,” adds Affinityy Marketing Director Evan Weber. “Our platform is truly the evolution of school fundraisers.”

Affinityy will be working with partner schools on providing support for outreach to parents.

About Affinityy

Founded in 2017, Affinityy is an innovative, cash-back shopping portal that has partnered with some of the most recognizable and popular brands in America to offer consumers cash back and discounts on their online shopping needs. With additional incentives through the site’s Share & Earn and Refer & Earn programs, Affinityy offers consumers multiple opportunities to both earn cash on their online purchases and to monetize their social networks and online platforms.