Achieve3000 Releases Annual Lexile Study with Recognition from the Successful Practices Network

Monday, May 20, 2019 - 8:55 am

Lakewood, NJ, (May 20, 2019) – Achieve3000®, the leader in differentiated instruction, announces the release of its annual National Lexile Study. The study demonstrates accelerated Lexile® growth for all students in the sample, across all grade levels, 2-12. The national study examines the Lexile growth of students using Achieve3000’s PRO solutions with a minimum level of quantity and quality of practice.

On average, all students exceeded their expected literacy growth by more than two times when completing at least one lesson each week, and more than three times when completing two or more lessons each week. Achieve3000 defines high quantity and quality of practice as having completed at least 40 lessons with an average first-try score of greater than or equal to 75 percent on the embedded assessments within each lesson.

Additional results include analyses for a variety of student profiles, including English language learners, struggling and advanced readers, and students who receive special education services. When completing two or more lessons each week, struggling readers exceeded their expected growth by more than three times. Advanced readers multiplied their literacy gains by more than 10 times. English language learners and students receiving special education services more than tripled their expected growth over the course of a single school year.

The Successful Practices Network (SPN), a design lab of experienced and trusted educators dedicated to helping all learners and co-host with Achieve3000 of the first-ever National Literacy Summit, embraced the study as a signal of positive change for the future of literacy in the U.S. SPN’s acknowledgement and partnership advance the organizations’ compatible missions to improve literacy and learning for every student.

When this data is put alongside the issues important to SPN, such as narrowing the skills gap, lowering the dropout rate, and the impacts of trauma on children’s ability to learn, the results provide tremendous hope for the future.

“The National Lexile Study rings a true note of promise for educators, students, and all stakeholders with a vested interest in solving the nation’s literacy crisis,” said Ray McNulty, President of Successful Practices Network. “Increasing literacy in America is not going to happen by accident—success in schools happens by design. The study shows some of the great things that can happen when schools, districts, and communities decide to focus on increasing literacy.”

Achieve3000’s PRO solutions use the Lexile Framework for Reading, a scientific method that uses the same scale to measure readers’ ability and the level of complexity of reading material. The platform matches students to appropriate content using their individual Lexile measures to support a range of learning needs.

“At Achieve3000, we believe in the promise of every child, and that all students can graduate high school with the skills needed for college and career, regardless of their background or current reading ability,” said Steve Tardrew, Vice President of Assessment and Research. “The annual Lexile study demonstrates how students who engage with our platform are truly benefitting from their time and effort and driving towards success in life post-graduation.”

To view the 2017-18 National Lexile Study, visit

About the National Lexile Study

The sample in this report includes 1,208,884 Achieve3000 students who were enrolled in grades 2 through 12 during the 2017-2018 school year. The data in this report include English-only program usage and performance data. The final sample includes students from all 50 states, Washington D.C. and five U.S. Territories. Students were included in the analytic sample if they met the following criteria: had a pre-test LevelSet Lexile measure (from beginning of school year); had an end-of-year Lexile measure (from either a post-test LevelSet or automatic monthly adjustment by the PRO platform); had at least 150 days between the pre-test LevelSet Lexile measure and the end-of-year Lexile measure; completed one or more multiple-choice activities; were associated to only one school; did not receive any manual adjustments; and did not use the Achieve3000 Intensive (summer program) during May or June.

About Achieve3000

Achieve3000 believes literacy is the key to unlocking student success. Since 2001, we have partnered with schools and districts to accelerate literacy growth for all students in grades 2–12 with our flagship solution for proven-effective differentiated literacy instruction, Achieve3000 PRO. Now we support schools more broadly with Smarty Ants for personalized foundational literacy (PreK-grade 2) and Actively Learn (grades 6-12) for deeper learning. Our solutions help all PreK-adult learners reach their full potential and succeed in a rapidly changing global economy with increasing information demands.