Preparing students to be career and college ready

Partners4Results provides student achievement data solutions for K-12 school districts

Long-lasting partnership

Leaders at McHenry Community High School District 156 and Partners4Results (P4R) started working together in 2010 on a curriculum mapping tool and data warehouse for the student portal. Over the years, the collaboration has grown to include expanded modules for curriculum and assessment functions for teaching and learning, and for building operations.

The partners added data analysis tools for assessments, and developed a student learning objectives module for student growth requirements and a parent contact module for response to intervention. P4R tools and modules are also integrated with McHenry’s Schoology platform, and the company built a robust grade reporting module to determine weekly athletic eligibility.

When leaders at McHenry Community High School District 156 wanted to create a college and career readiness module, they sought help from longtime collaborator Partners4Results (P4R) to add the module to the existing student data portal.

P4R offers a vast, customizable array of student achievement data solutions for school districts.

Located northwest of Chicago, McHenry has worked with P4R since 2010, when it created a curriculum mapping tool and data warehouse.

P4R integrates data from virtually any source or creates web-based tools to record and analyze student achievement data.

McHenry leaders wanted to integrate data from the four-year graduation honor, Distinguished Warrior, which closely aligns with Illinois’ College and Career Readiness Indicators, to create the Warrior Student Dashboard.

“We believed that P4R could help us track some of the workplace-related indicators and create a résumé builder for students,” says Carl Vallianatos, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for McHenry. “They can customize their products to our needs.”

Long-term vision

P4R builds long-term relationships with school districts and develops completely customized systems, including the new applications such as the Warrior Student Dashboard.

Curriculum maps help teachers gauge student learning

Partners4Results has created a web-based curriculum map for a district. Successfully meeting requirements, the map serves as a pacing guide, is configurable by subject area, has multiple standards and learning expectations, supports English and Spanish language learners, and uses media resources.

Assessments can be linked to learning expectations, and provide feedback on student learning and the curriculum. The map also includes resources across all grade levels. Each grade-subject map is copied to the next school year and can be edited.

The dashboard gives a detailed look at student grades and SAT scores, and it tracks student participation in athletics, school activities and community service experiences.

P4R also added an interactive résumé builder for students, which includes different résumé templates affixed with the school logo.

Vallianatos says students are motivated to see their academic growth over time, but they also learn that involvement in extracurricular activities and community service is important and helps them build a résumé.

Résumé creation

More than 450 high school seniors in the district created résumés last spring, and McHenry leaders plan to have both juniors and seniors produce them this spring. The process will then move to freshmen and sophomores so that résumé creation becomes a schoolwide expectation.

“Everyone needs to create a résumé and also build it up,” Vallianatos says. “Colleges and universities want to see this kind of information, and we also want to prepare our students for job and internship opportunities.”

Student résumés increase college and career readiness

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Carl Vallianatos of McHenry Community High School District 156 is also a board member of the local chamber of commerce. He recently presented the district’s résumé builder, part of its Warrior Student Dashboard, to fellow board members to get students more interviews for jobs and internships. The board provided positive feedback and especially liked how the school logo is affixed to every template.

“I want our student résumés pulled out of those stacks,” Vallianatos says.

Increasing student conversations

Vallianatos says that P4R provides students, teachers and parents with access tools, and allows school staffers the ability to add, customize or modify existing modules to meet McHenry’s evolving needs. Thanks to the addition of the Warrior Student Dashboard, more students have college and career readiness conversations.

“Our relationship with P4R far surpasses just assessments and curriculum mapping,” Vallianatos says. “I don’t know of any product partner that does this much to meet so many of our needs, so that’s the best investment we can make as a school district.”

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