Poudre School District upgrades anti-bullying programs

By: | March 12, 2019

At the end of 2018, Poudre School District’s four middle schools had benefited from the Colorado Department of Education’s Bullying Prevention and Education Grant for one year.

By 2019, many classes at one Expect Respect school had incorporated the Second Step model where educators teach bullying prevention concepts directly to students. The school’s prevention committee saw the improvements, and the other schools followed suit.

“There’s plenty of evidence that supports forming relationship with kids and weaving topics throughout the day rather than getting a one-and-done lesson,” says Theresa Fightmaster, K-12 counselor coordinator.

For example, an English teacher could incorporate bullying prevention concepts into a lesson on Monday and then, on Thursday, a social studies teacher could continue the lesson in their class.

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Additionally, most of the four middle schools now invite administrators and more community members to their monthly prevention committee meetings.

Meanwhile, the other Poudre schools have adopted programs of their own. “PSD schools not receiving this grant implement bully prevention through their social-emotional learning curriculum and other programs,” says Darcie Votipka, director of student support services.

PSD has several bullying prevention programs and resources in place at its schools. Programs include Second Step, Expect Respect, Discovery, PBIS- Bully Proofing, Peace Keepers/Circles/First, MindUp, Sources of Strength, Sanford, Harmony, Olweus, Safe2Tell and more.

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