[PODCAST] Focus on Fluency: The Neglected Goal of Reading Instruction

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Fluency should be one of the pillars of any effective approach to reading instruction. But while educators often understand how to assess oral reading fluency, they less commonly understand how to explicitly teach fluency.

In this podcast, literacy expert, author, researcher, and consultant Dr. Lynne Kulich will discuss the many aspects of fluency, why it is too often the most neglected goal of reading instruction, and why fluency is so essential to achieving reading comprehension and proficiency.

Topics will include:

  • Why fluency is so important—and often neglected  
  • Using evidence-based fluency practices to grow readers 
  • How fluency instruction impacts multilingual learners 
  • Insights from the new book, “The Fluency Development Lesson: Closing Reading Gaps 


Dr. Lynne Kulich, Sr. Director Solutions Engineer, Renaissance Learning

Dr. Robert R. Zywicki, Sr. Director Solutions Engineer, Renaissance Learning


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