Planning, Implementing and Sustaining a Technology Initiative

Date of broadcast: Thu, 06/14/18

Any district technology initiative can risk failure if administrators don’t take the crucial steps to plan, pilot, achieve buy-in, and conduct efficient implementation. By taking a strategic approach before, during and after implementation, any technology initiative will be much more likely to succeed.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about planning, implementing and sustaining a successful technology initiative. We’ll be joined by the director of technology in the Ritenour School District in Missouri, who will discuss details and lessons learned from the district’s successful “Tech Revolution” initiative, focused on student engagement, problem solving, multitasking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

Scheduled speakers:

Fred Harlan
Director of Technology
Ritenour School District (Mo.)

Who will benefit: Administrators interested in technology, 1:1 initiatives or student engagement. Anyone may attend.