How to plan an edtech ‘fix-it fair’

Fix-it fairs bring together skilled repair people, and people who are prepared to watch and learn. Such events usually encompass a broad range of topics and skills, from DIY home projects to bicycle maintenance, but often include technology upgrades and repairs. Here’s how to plan one for your district:

  1. Determine the event format. Some fix-it fairs host multiple speakers and presentations and run for a full day, while others are simple one-room gatherings.
  2. Invite local organizations, educators and/or students to participate. Potential presenters include employees from local repair shops, recycling organizations, music stores and libraries.
  3. Ask each student to bring one broken item. If you have enough volunteers, teaching students to repair their own items is a great way to maximize the impact of the event.
  4. Have a recycling booth on-site. Seize the opportunity to teach students what to do with items that can’t be fixed.

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