Personalized Learning in Elementary Mathematics: Strategies for Success

Date of broadcast: Wed, 05/16/18

New approaches to elementary mathematics curriculum, instruction, technology and assessment are providing opportunities to personalize learning for each student, creating highly effective, student-centered learning environments.

Attend this web seminar to gain ideas, strategies and resources for delivering a positive, measurable impact on student outcomes in your district, through personalized learning in K-6 math instruction.

All attendees will receive a copy of Janet Pittock’s new eBook: Personalizing Elementary Mathematics: Essentials for Learner Growth and Classroom Success (A guide for K– 6 educators).

Topics will include:

    • Six key factors to consider when personalizing learning
    • Four best-practice implementation models for personalizing learning in elementary math
    • Evidence-based content and resources that can expand curriculum

Scheduled speakers:

Janet Pittock
Director of Curriculum
McGraw-Hill Education

Who will benefit: Administrators interested in personalized learning or elementary math. Anyone may attend.