PD travel guide

By: | August 17, 2018

Developers of equity programs offer the following tips for success:

You need it first—Equity PD gets the best results when leaders—from superintendents to school board members to principals—are trained before their staff.

Dialogue, collaboration and role-play—Kids don’t love PowerPoints or lectures, and neither do educators. PD that gets teachers talking, collaborating and even role-playing seems to be most effective.

Many educators say they prefer programs that get teachers comfortable talking explicitly about race, differences and culture.

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Commitment—There’s no “one and done” with equity PD. For maximum effectiveness, districts must have a long-term commitment to a program and an overarching dedication to equity.

Cookie-cutter won’t cut it—Every district—actually every school within the district—has particular needs. Consider performing a thorough needs assessment before selecting a program. An education research firm can do the assessment and recommend programs.

Victoria Clayton is a freelance writer in Southern California.