Partnership to improve account management

May 13, 2019 | Tools4ever/PowerSchool

Tools4ever, the leading provider of Identity and Access Management solutions in the education market, announces an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partnership with PowerSchool, the leading K-12 Student Information System (SIS) and Unified Classroom platform provider. This partnership integrates two powerhouse solutions, offering mutual customers seamless and central user lifecycle management from the PowerSchool SIS into the network.

With the connection from Tools4ever’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution to the PowerSchool Student Information System, school districts can centralize, automate and streamline user lifecycle management from the PowerSchool SIS. This reduces the time IT departments have to spend provisioning, updating and de-provisioning accounts in Active Directory. Furthermore, IAM’s Downstream Provisioning module facilitates user provisioning into other systems outside the network, such as Google, Office365 and many more.

“Together with PowerSchool, we can offer our many mutual customers automated provisioning to the network and other systems via the PowerSchool SIS. When changes are made in PowerSchool, they are detected by IAM and automatically updated and implemented across the network and connected systems. The synergistic nature of both our software makes it a win/win for all parties, particularly our customers.”

The beginning of a new school year is typically the busiest season for IT. Many new accounts must be created, updated and disabled as new students enroll and current students move up a grade or graduate. New students need access to systems and applications, and graduated students need that access to be revoked. Tools4ever’s connection with PowerSchool dramatically simplifies the busy season for school districts by synchronizing user account information from PowerSchool into the network and connected systems. For example, when a student graduated, their account would be disabled so that their access to the network, applications and data is revoked. Changes are implemented quickly, efficiently and are error-free.

An additional feature of IAM that PowerSchool customers can benefit from is Self-Service and Workflow Management. This module allows students, staff and administrators to request, check and approve resources without any IT intervention. For example, a student can request access to an application or project. The teacher can approve or deny the request, and it is then implemented immediately in the network. This avoids the back and forth with IT and students can move forward with the project at hand.

“We are excited to kick off a new partnership with PowerSchool who share a similar vision of optimizing access in education.” -Dean Wiech, Managing Director, Tools4ever Inc.

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