Ohio superintendent bans electronic devices

Other news: Principal makes band and drama free for students, superintendent donates funds from additional role, assistant principal earns award
By: | September 13, 2017

Brian Garverick, superintendent of Mansfield City Schools in Ohio, has banned electronic devices in an effort to disconnect students from social media.

Students are not allowed to use smartphones and other mobile technology on school grounds—before, during or after classes. Also banned: cameras, laptops, lasers, music devices, headphones, portable televisions, games, toys and pagers.

Teachers or administrators can approve devices, and students can use certain equipment on buses at the discretion of drivers.

Principal Jose Martinez has made participating in band and drama free for students at Colonial High School in Florida’s Orange County Public Schools. Martinez accomplished this by earmarking dollars within his site-based budget so students no longer have to pay fees for instruments, uniforms, costumes, set design, competitions and travel.

Martinez says he hopes to extend the savings to students in other after-school programs, such as dance.

Superintendent Gregory Ewing of Las Cruces Public Schools in New Mexico is taking on an additional role: teaching a fall semester class in bilingual education at Do√±a Ana Community College, also in New Mexico. Ewing says he will donate his $891 salary from teaching to his district’s student advising program.

Ewing previously taught at Kennesaw State University in Georgia while working as chief accountability and research officer for the Cobb County School District.

Brad Currie, assistant principal of Black River Middle School in New Jersey’s Chester School District, has been named 2017 National Assistant Principal of the Year by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Currie co-founded and co-moderates #Satchat, a weekly Twitter discussion that links more than 200 school leaders across the globe to discuss bullying, teacher recruitment and social media.