New resource offers practical, step-by-step guidance on independent educational evaluations

Your District's Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating IEE Requests and Responses is a one-stop guide to understanding the ins and outs of IEEs, including how parents request IEEs and how districts should respond.
By: | February 26, 2020

LRP Media Group, a recognized leader in the special education publishing industry, has released Your District’s Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating IEE Requests and Responses. This practical new guide breaks down the IEE process from the district’s perspective and gives administrators and IEP team members a concrete idea of each step and their role in it. Readers get a play-by-play of how parents request IEEs, how to address the request, and specific actions the IEP team must take to consider the results — complete with practical tips to guide districts through:

  • Identifying circumstances in which parents are entitled and not entitled to request publicly funded IEEs;
  • Establishing reasonable criteria for IEEs, including cost and location, with examples;
  • Developing criteria for classroom observations;
  • Responding when a parent’s IEE may not meet district criteria and recognize unique circumstances that justify a waiver;
  • And more.

“The process of responding to a parent’s request for a private evaluation isn’t always clear cut. Administrators and members of the IEP team may have questions regarding IEEs,” said author Amy K. Onaga, Esq. ” For example, when is a parent entitled to an independent evaluation? When is the district required to pay for the private evaluation requested by the parent? What should the district do when the parent requests an independent evaluation? Is the IEP team required to incorporate the results of the private evaluation into the student’s IEP? This pamphlet aims to answer these questions and more by providing readers an in-depth discussion of the entire IEE process.”

Your District’s Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating IEE Requests and Responses is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.

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