New resource offers guidance on providing FAPE to twice-exceptional students

Educating Twice-Exceptional Students in Compliance With IDEA and Section 504 helps districts avoid the most common errors relating to child find, eligibility determinations, implementation, and more!
By: | December 20, 2019

LRP Media Group, a recognized leader in the special education publishing industry, has released a new pamphlet designed to help educators understand how federal special education laws apply to gifted students with disabilities. Educating Twice-Exceptional Students in Compliance With IDEA and Section 504 examines the most commonly litigated issues in cases involving 2e students and — more importantly
— identifies specific steps administrators can take to minimize the likelihood of an IDEA or Section 504 violation.

The 62-page pamphlet begins by reviewing the difference between gifted and 2e students. It then advises educators on how to identify and evaluate gifted students suspected of having disabilities (as well as students with disabilities who may be academically gifted), how to determine which gifted students with disabilities need special education or related services, and which factors to consider when developing IEPs and Section 504 plans for 2e students. The pamphlet also covers the provision of services to 2e students with IEPs or Section 504 plans and common disability discrimination complaints filed by 2e students.

Each chapter ends with a list of best practices for districts and a list of discussion questions designed to help administrators identify potential trouble spots in their districts’ 2e. What’s more, the pamphlet’s use of everyday language to explain legal concepts makes this information easily accessible.

“Educators who understand how the IDEA and Section 504 apply to gifted students with disabilities can better serve students and are less likely to make mistakes that result in litigation,” said attorney Julie J. Kline, LRP’s Executive Director of Education Content. “This new pamphlet will help administrators identify and provide the training their staffers need to provide 2e students FAPE.”

Readers will learn how to:

  • Address child find barriers that are unique to 2e students.
  • Identify the special education services a 2e student needs to receive FAPE.
  • Determine whether a requested accommodation is reasonable.
  • Ensure 2e students receive all special education services set forth in their IEPs and Section 504 plans.
  • Make legally sound decisions about an IDEA- or Section 504-eligible student’s participation in a gifted program.

Educating Twice-Exceptional Students in Compliance With IDEA and Section 504 is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.

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