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New Product Showcase

The New Product Showcase brings together the latest K-12 education products and service solutions in one easy-to-use reference section. This year’s collection includes more than 20 entries from solution providers who share your passion for education excellence. Their cutting-edge products and services have been developed in response to needs expressed by school districts across the United States.

DA is pleased to work with these solution providers to showcase the most effective and innovative products and services. We hope you will keep this useful section close at hand and it proves to be valuable to your district.



Renaissance Star Assessments


Educators across the country trust Renaissance Star
Assessments to inform instruction. Now these award-winning
assessments can guide instruction and practice with myON,
Renaissance’s personalized student literacy platform, and
Freckle Math, its new, highly engaging differentiated math
practice program—all in as little as 20 minutes of testing time!






Every FrontRow ezRoom with Trio speaker system is built to order and easy to install. This “everything-but-the-display” solution puts all components inside one enclosure, including the speaker. Within this all-in-one convenient system is intelligent technology that will support your classroom voice amplification, AV control, remote management, and school paging/alerting needs.




Positivity is the first comprehensive online behavioral solution to support classroom management, empower students’ self-regulation, collect behavior-related data, and create automated reporting. Easily integrated into daily classroom routines, Positivity delivers proactive, evidence-based strategies that support emotional control and executive function, enabling students to actively participate in learning and achieve independence.


Mind Yeti

Committee for Children

Mind Yeti helps kids, and their adults, calm their minds, focus their attention, and connect to the world around them by practicing mindfulness. Our digital library features two new audio playlists with shorter sessions that are perfect for younger children, plus supplementary educational videos on mindfulness and the science behind it.


TR3BF-B Series IR Multi-Touch Point UHD IPS Digital Display

LG Business Solutions

Experience an interactive display that creates classroom collaboration. LG’s cutting-edge touch technology in the TR3BF-B series displays support dual pen and multi-touch functions, providing accurate drawing and authentic touch quality. Air Class connectivity and built-in web browsers support multi-directional communication and interactive learning, which will provide an immersive educational experience.




Zenergy™ Ball Chair

Learn by Safco®

The Zenergy™ Ball Chair is now available in an additional height, allowing more students to keep active throughout their school day. Simply use the legs plus feet, or the feet only, to create two height options for the Ball Chair. It’s another way to help keep students moving while learning.




Smithsonian Science for the Classroom™

Carolina Biological

Smithsonian Science for the Classroom builds phenomena and engineering into every grade through active, hands-on science. With its cohesive storylines that build toward students answering a question or solving real-world problems and a wealth of teacher support, this hands-on program is proven to raise scores in science, reading and math.


Achieve3000® PRO

Achieve3000® PRO

Achieve3000’s PRO powers equitable literacy learning across the content areas. Rated “Strong” by Evidence for ESSA and proven to drive up to 3X expected Lexile® growth, PRO offers a patented instructional methodology that combines benchmarking and embedded assessment with leveled texts and scaffolds to differentiate learning in grades 2-12.


Actively Learn

Actively Learn

Actively Learn is a digital curriculum platform offering flexible tools that encourage collaboration and deeper learning in ELA, science and social studies for grades 6-12. With boundless content, features to promote authentic student engagement, and integrated opportunities for teacher professional development, Actively Learn brings every classroom to life.


SafeSchools Training Student Courses

Vector Solution

Education Powerful, web-based courses cover the essential safety topics you need to teach your students, including bullying/cyberbullying, drugs/alcohol/vaping, digital citizenship, sexual harassment, suicide prevention, and more. SafeSchools Training’s student courses are perfect for primary prevention training or for remediation, and are available in our award-winning online training system.


Kuder Galaxy®


Kuder Galaxy is an online career awareness system for elementary students that makes learning about the world of work fun, through a series of educational activities. Galaxy allows educators to map content to academic standards and frameworks to support college and career readiness or social-emotional learning programs.


4 Weeks to Read

4 Weeks to Read

4 Weeks to Read was developed by actual teachers in the classroom for over 20 years. It’s validated by University of Oregon research, and has a 98% success rate with teaching children to read at or above grade level. Teachers love how easy it is to use and teach!


Early Childhood Education Staffing Solutions

Kelly Education

Kelly Education provides the dependable, prepared substitute teachers and classroom aides you often need—and quickly—to stay compliant at your center. We’re experts in recruiting, with 20 years of screening, credentialing and training for early childhood educators. Trust us to fill big shoes and teach little students.


Everyday Mathematics


Behind each student success story is a team of teachers and administrators who set high expectations for themselves and their students. Everyday Mathematics® 4 ©2020 is designed to help you achieve those expectations with a research-based approach to teaching mathematics. Transform your classroom and be the teacher they will always remember!


Illustrative Mathematics


McGraw-Hill Illustrative Mathematics is a problem-based core curriculum designed to address content and practice standards to foster learning for all. Students are encouraged to take an active role, allowing them to develop strategies for tackling non-routine problems while engaging in productive struggle.


High Reliability Teacher™ (HRT) program

Marzano Resources

Grow your teaching career by becoming a Certified High Reliability Teacher™. Marzano Resources’ High Reliability Teacher program is a multilevel certification process that recognizes the advancement of a teacher’s pedagogical skills and knowledge in three specific areas: effective use of instructional strategies, student learning, and valid and rigorous feedback.




affianceSUITE EDU

Scantron Technology Solutions

affianceSUITE EDU puts the power of a nationwide team of on-site network, hardware and printer experts at your fingertips. Choose a la carte options or select the whole solution. You’ve trusted Scantron assessment solutions—now trust our technology solution to manage your critical IT systems.




Emotional Poverty in All Demographics

aha! Process

Dr. Ruby K. Payne explains the link between emotional poverty and disruptive behavior. This resource provides tools for educators to address and reduce anger, anxiety and avoidance. It helps educators manage the “classroom dance” that occurs between the educator and the
students, and provides the tools to motivate good behavior.




Von Duprin® Remote Monitoring/Undogging Options


Von Duprin® introduced new options for their exit devices that can cost-effectively increase security at secondary perimeter doors. The RU option is a battery-powered, wireless solution that enables remote undogging (secures device) and door status monitoring. The RM option has a sensor for doors that only require monitoring.


FlySense™ 2.75 Vaping and Elevated Sound Detector

Soter Technologies

FlySense™ detects vaping and alerts administration in real time through mobile notifications. By partnering with schools, our goal is to educate students on the dangers of vaping, create a change in behavior, and encourage positive decision-making. Learn how to create a vape-free campus with our educational guides!




MackinMaker Take & Make Kits


The MackinMaker Take & Make Kits are the ideal way for classrooms, schools, libraries, and even districts to provide students and patrons with curated maker kits that are instructional, affordable, durable, and mostly, fun for all.


Gale In Context: For Educators

Gale, a Cengage Company

Gale In Context: For Educators is a one-stop resource that merges quality, curriculum-aligned content with related lesson plans and instructional materials. This educational resource gives educators a specialized toolkit to collect, organize, customize and share instructional materials for lessons by easily integrating into their workflow.


Conversations by SchoolInfoApp


Simply put, Conversations by SchoolInfoApp is 2-way digital messaging for schools done right, bringing together the ease and familiarity of
text message and other popular instant and group messaging platforms with the administrative oversight and security controls that are necessary in today’s digital age.


Lead4Change Student Leadership Program


Leadership is a critical skill for middle and high school students. Lead4Change is a program of leadership lessons and a community service framework. Join 8,500 educators in using resources that are proven, easy to use and free. Teach 6-12 grade students to be their best self … a leader!