New product offers quick solutions for IDEA documentation

Ready-to-Use Forms, Charts and Checklists gives educators access to 50 sample forms and tools designed to help with IDEA compliance efforts
By: | March 30, 2020

LRP Media Group, a recognized leader in the special education publishing industry, has released Ready-to-Use Forms, Charts and Checklists for IDEA Compliance, a compilation of sample forms and tools created by districts around the country and LRP’s own team of special education experts. This binder product is designed to help time-deprived educators meet their IDEA documentation requirements quickly and effectively.

The binder features a selection of 50 charts, forms, and tools that districts can reprint as-is or adapt for their own use. These documents are divided into 10 categories: 1) assistive technology; 2) behavior management; 3) child find, evaluations, and eligibility; 4) discipline; 5) dispute resolution; 6) IEP contents; 7) IEP meetings; 8) parent participation; 9) postsecondary transition; and 10) procedural safeguards.

“This time-saving product gives you 50 expertly curated IDEA forms that you can adapt for use in your own district.” said LRP Executive Director, Education Content Julie J. Kline, Esq. “You don’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel.'”

Documents appearing in this product include:

  • Chart: Dos and Don’ts of AT Assessments.
  • Checklist: FBA Antecedents: Events and Conditions Checklist
  • Form: Referral for Evaluation for Special Education
  • Chart: Steps to take to remove a dangerous student through an expedited hearing
  • Form: Extended School Year IEP Form
  • Form: Agreement to Excuse Mandatory Team Member from IEP Meeting
  • Chart: Steps to take when a parent refuses to attend an IEP meeting
  • Form: Prior Written Notice: Revocation of Consent

Ready-to-Use Forms, Charts and Checklists for IDEA Compliance is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.

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