New hybrid professional development model released

February 18, 2019 | Flipped Learning Global Initiative

The Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI) released details of its new Global-Local Professional Development Model for Flipped Learning. The model delivers more effective professional development by dividing the Flipped Learning professional learning into three domains.

Traditional lecture-based training is eliminated. Instead, the core concepts of Flipped Learning are delivered online by the leading global curator of Flipped Learning best practices, FLGI. Educators’ access the content via short videos on their own time and pace.

The online PD is followed by practical application of the professional learning delivered by certified on-site facilitators who customize, localize, and personalize immersive hands-on workshops and support.

The big innovation in the Global-Local model is that professional learning is highly standardized where it matters most and highly customized, personalized, and contextualized where it matters most.

The result is professional development experience that is that is intensely practical, and highly personalized while core concepts and best practices are presented consistently anywhere in the world.

“It’s astounding, but true that almost two decades into the 21st century a majority of Flipped Learning professional development is still delivered by lecture and PowerPoint,” said Jon Bergmann. We are excited by the promise of providing Flipped Learning PD in a more teacher centered, immersive, and effective format.

The Global Local PD model is part of FGLI’s commitment to align all of its programs, projects, policies and partnerships with the new Global Standards for Flipped Learning released by Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences.

About the Flipped Learning Global Initiative
The Flipped Learning Global Initiative, (FLGI), was created to support the rapidly expanding adoption of Flipped Learning all over the world. FLGI aims to fill the growing global need for collaboration across borders in three domains: evolving best practices in Flipped Learning, research curation and distribution, and technology selection and implementation.

To learn more about the Global-Local PD model contact Errol St.Clair Smith, Director of Global Development at 949-677-7381, or go to

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