New book helps IEP teams plan ahead to provide FAPE during emergency school closures

By: | March 9, 2021

LRP Media Group, a recognized leader in the special education publishing industry, has released Preparing for the Unexpected: Individualized Contingency Plans for Students With Disabilities. The book addresses how to involve parents in the process of developing an individualized contingency plan, discusses what information teams should consider when developing a plan, and outlines the various components to include in the plan.

The book also explains how contingency plans that are tailored to students’ unique needs can benefit districts, and based on discussion of recent hearing officer decisions, identifies potential pitfalls that educators should seek to avoid when creating plans. The pamphlet also incorporates U.S. Education Department policy guidance and hearing officer decisions issued during the COVID-19 pandemic to help explain how IDEA procedural safeguards and FAPE requirements impact the development of such plans.

The book addresses topics including:

  • When to provide prior written notice
  • The components of a contingency plan
  • How to address post-secondary education in a contingency plan
  • Identifying a student’s characteristics that pose potential barriers to remote learning
  • What effect the development of a contingency plan has on the obligation to implement an existing IEP
  • The importance of reviewing a child’s recent FBA as part of developing a plan

Preparing for the Unexpected: Individualized Contingency Plans for Students With Disabilities is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.

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