NC schools chief says teacher rally should be on a non-school day

April 1, 2019 | The News & Observer

State Schools Superintendent Mark Johnson is opposing the upcoming May 1 mass teacher rally in Raleigh, saying it will force schools to close that day.

In a statement released Thursday, Johnson said that while he supports teachers, he can’t support the call from the N.C. Association of Educators for teachers to take May 1 off to lobby state lawmakers for higher pay and expansion of Medicaid funding.

NCAE wants a repeat of last year’s May 16 march that brought 19,000 protesters and resulted in school closures that caused more than 1 million students to miss classes that day. So many teachers requested the day off last year that at least 42 school districts, including all of the state’s biggest systems, closed for the day because they said they couldn’t find enough substitute teachers.

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