Movers and Shakers: After passage of a building bond issue in Illinois, superintendent moves to new district

In less than three years, Superintendent Kaine Osburn worked to help pass a $77.6 million building bond issue and established a strategic plan for Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95 in Illinois.

The plan, which involved feedback from 400 stakeholders and students, has four goals, such as developing social-emotional and intervention programs, and providing personalized learning by overhauling the district curriculum.

Osburn recently moved to Avoca District 37, also in Illinois.

Superintendent Todd Morrison of Honey Grove ISD spent weeks helping students and their families who were involved in a local ICE raid in Texas.

Morrison arranged access to free legal advice, posted bail for jailed family members and then accompanied them to court appearances.

Morrison also raised thousands of dollars for families to pay electric bills, buy groceries and go to doctors’ appointments.

Tony Thurmond, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

New California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond recently reintroduced a bill that would require every county office of education, district and charter school to provide annual in-service training to assist LGBTQ students in grades 7 through 12.

Thurmond first pushed the reform effort last year as a state assemblyman.

The bill was vetoed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown.

Penny Schwinn, Commissioner, Education, Tennessee Department of Education

Penny Schwinn recently took the reins of the education department in Tennessee, which has struggled with online administration and test scoring.

Schwinn comes to the state with assessment experience as chief deputy commissioner of academics in Texas, where she solved the issue of testing disruptions.

Schwinn promises tight vendor management of assessment solutions in Tennessee.


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