Mobile charging and storage stations for K12

By: | April 26, 2018

Today’s computer charging stations not only provide power, they also allow teachers to effortlessly transport an entire classroom’s laptops and tablets. Some stationary platforms have cart attachments to make them mobile, while others can be stacked or mounted on various surfaces to save space. —Steven Blackburn

SIM32 Cart

Spectrum Industries Inc.

Thirty-two 15.6-inch tablets fit and charge inside this 24-by-22-inch cart, which teachers can lock using the single-bolt latch and padlock. ABS dividers provide further protection. The SIM32 features an integrated handle and 5-inch balloon wheels.



This two-wheeled cart accommodates a PowerGistics Tower freestanding or wall-mountable storage unit, which stores and charges eight to 16 devices. Teachers can load the Tower with multiple devices and move them anywhere in the classroom.

Juice Mobile Power

Bretford Manufacturing

This kit features a 6- or 12-foot magnetic track that lies on floors and plugs into an outlet. Teachers charge devices by connecting them to corded pods that attach magnetically to the 1/4-inch-thick track. Teachers can connect multiple tracks for larger rooms.

MN142VS mobiLAB charging cart from eduGear


Teachers can charge and store 42 15.6-inch Chromebooks and notebooks in this durable steel and plastic cart. It rolls on four 5-inch casters and features front and rear doors that teachers can lock with a padlock. The mobiLAB offers lifetime and three-year warranties for parts and electrical components, respectively.

Tech Tub2 Stacking Cart

Copernicus Educational Products

This stacking cart carries four detachable tubs that each hold six iPads and Chromebooks. Teachers can charge all 24 tablets from one outlet if every tub is attached to the cart. Two handles and four 4-inch locking casters aid cart mobility. Each tub features a three-point lock.

Putnam 16 Charging Station


This station charges 16 tablets simultaneously and can store devices fitted with cases and covers. Teachers can stack two Putnams together, and can use the optional pedestal and one cord to charge 32 units. Teachers can mount Putnams to the floor or, with an optional kit, to the wall.

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